THIS IS MY STORY -- THIS IS MY SONG by Tennessee Ernie Ford


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Success has not spoiled Tennessee Ernie. He's jest as wholesome as a hawg at waller. He comes out strong for such well defended bastions as home (his was poor but proud in East Tennessee; for Mamas (his was and is a good one -- Christian, neighborly); for Dad's (his was and is his ""best pal""); and for living and singing out that old time religion. Altogether, he seems the most likely candidate to share palavering Dr. Peck's audience. Sample: ""We get used to making fun of that old country medicine, but an awful lot of people managed to survive without vitamin pills, sleeping pills, pep pills and calm-down pills."" (Now if that ain't Sixteen Tons and a half of the truth, we'll swallow a whole punkin in one gulp.) ""Shucks"", he runs on, ""I've still got my tonsils, adenoids and appendix, and I'm chewing with my own teeth... How about that!"" Well, aside from wondering where the yellow went when he took his choppers to TV, we think that's dandy! Somehow this sort of thing drawls along with a picture tube producing far less distortion than it does in cold type. His TV audience is quite a pasture full and will undoubtedly be urged to graze on the book. It ain't much, but they'll still love him.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1963
Publisher: Prentice-Hall