LIVE TO REGRET by Terence Faherty


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An introspective second appearance for former seminarian-turned-investigator Owen Keane (Deadstick), who's now hired by his old college friend's father to watch over the grieving Harry--in the midst of a ""spiritual crisis""--and, if possible, to return him to the family legal fold. After his wife Mary died in a car accident six months ago, Harry retired to Spring Lake, New Jersey, to jog and paint and, more psychologically damaging, to pretend Mary was still alive. Owen, too, is grieving for Mary, his college sweetheart, and must come to terms with his loss. Also struggling with the concept of death (and grief, guilt, and deceit) a the mysterious Diana, who tempts the priest over at St. Brigid's, seduces Owen, and appears in most of Harry's more tormented paintings. But as the three men own up to their own shortcomings, emotional blinders and doubts, they are less gulled by Diana, who seems determined to reenact the tragedy of the Victorian-era suicide that still haunts the lakeside community and casts a pall over St. Brigid's. Moving study of men wrestling with the lies they tell themselves about women, and with the lies women tell them. Minimal detective work here, but a heady read nonetheless.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1992
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: St. Martin's