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BLUE LIMBO by Terence M. Green


by Terence M. Green

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1997
ISBN: 0-312-86282-2
Publisher: Tor

 Near-future cop-on-the-rampage from the author of the similar Barking Dogs (1988), etc. Despairing, cuckolded cop Mitch Helwig blows up a vast warehouse belonging to 21st-century Toronto's current criminal Mr. Big--and gets suspended for his pains. So Mitch goes home to look after his nine-year-old daughter, taking time out to trash his wife's lover's apartment. Meanwhile, his proponent on the force, Captain Sam Karoulis, suspects that deputy chief Joseph Galecki is in cahoots with the bad guys; and the bomb that explodes beneath Karoulis's desk--he and Mitch narrowly escape--confirms his suspicions. Angry Mitch fits himself out with the latest high-tech crime-busting hardware, but the bad guys shoot Karoulis dead on his own doorstep. Thanks to a technological breakthrough, though, Karoulis's undead head can be hooked up to life support and a computer; and the head reports that the murderer was Galecki himself! Rousing but improbable, with Mitch's witty, irreverent old dad stealing the show.