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This book originated with a BBC broadcast in the Travelers Series on the Home Service; its unusual subject is treated with an equally unusual sensitivity to the extended spiritual aspects of man's experience. The trance experience is offered here ""with an open mind and the hope that to someone somewhere it will provide inspiration."" The authors have sojourned among many peoples, in particular in the Orient, and witnessed a formidable number of occasions when ""the soul takes wing."" They find the trance a consequence of the universally desired state of liberation, its technical object to escape from the prison of one's own senses. They pay a great deal of heed to the nature of the shaman, his education, qualifications, practices, which are varied and persuasive (he is ""the great specialist in the human soul""). Whether or not one believes that the spirit world exists, or is a projection, one will be impressed by the record of this particular key to the universe.

Publisher: Dutton