THE ONLY REASON by Tereska Torres


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An evening in Paris frames its of women in love, somewhat older than the four young girls of Not Yet (Crown- 1957) but again contrasting the innocence of their hopes with the inconstancy of experience. There's Eleanor, 35, a model, whose beauty and assurance hides the impermanence of her relationships with men who do not offer marriage; Colette, the very young wife of one of Eleanor's former lovers, shocked- to the point of suicide- by a visit to a ""Partouze""; Luce, happily married to Denis, once Eleanor's too; and Monique, her sister, who works for a hospice for prostitutes, and, in attempting to salvage a girl on the , is offered still another kind of love.... Again, here as in the earlier book, the soupcon of Salgan and the somewhat piquant paradox of sentimental illusion and sensuous desire.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1961
Publisher: Simon & Schuster