TARGETS: How to Set Goals for Yourself and Reach Them! by

TARGETS: How to Set Goals for Yourself and Reach Them!

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Mostly this is new jargon for old concepts--""establishing goals and pursuing goals"" via ""one effective behavioral strategy""--but it's neatly organized and pinprick sharp, so it may find an audience. Why, for example, do we never send that thank-you note we meant to? According to Tec, it's because it never became a full-fledged target: we didn't make space for it in our cluttered minds, visualize ourselves actually going over to the bureau to fetch the paper, and set aside a specific time in which to do it (the ""bull's-eye""). Of course, all targets are not quite so simple; and Tec breaks down ""compound targets"" into an optimum sequence of interim targets. If all this sounds complicated, imagine what ""multitrack scheduling"" is like (that's more than one target at a time); only some heavy-duty ""target sweetening"" can make that palatable. Yes, the terms are needlessly stuffy, but they are also relentlessly logical; and if you can get around such incongruities, as ""by using the phrase 'target sequencing,' we take the process out of the realm of the abstract,"" then this is the sort of self-organizing book you'll appreciate.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1980
Publisher: Harper & Row