SMOKEJUMPERS AND FIRE DIVERS: Firefighters of Forests and Harbors by Terry & Charles Payzant Shannon

SMOKEJUMPERS AND FIRE DIVERS: Firefighters of Forests and Harbors

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A special report, in the familiar Shannon photo-essay format, on fighting fire in hard to reach places, specifically the interior of a forest, the underside of a pier. In the first case it's the ""paratroopers of the forest,"" a special branch of the U.S. Forest Service, whose techniques and training are illustrated (interestingly, most are vacationing teachers and college students), followed by a look at joint operations and forest firefighting in general. Even more specialized and certainly more novel is the work of scuba-equipped divers, their hose nozzles held up by floats, who aim under structures where fires would otherwise get out of control. Pioneered by the Los Angeles Fire Department after a 1960 disaster, this approach has been adopted by other cities (and dropped by Boston, which found its divers constantly in demand beyond city limits); pictured are dangerous operations in Tacoma, Seattle and San Francisco along with more routine search and rescue stints in various places. Not a book to answer questions (others, like the Judge Forest Fire, are more comprehensive) but likely to strike a spark, especially in the affected areas.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1969
Publisher: Golden Gate