UNIVERSE 5 by Terry -- Ed. Carr


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The twelve new stories in this anthology include Le Guin's marvelous musings on the improbability of certainty, F.M. Busby's original if unlikely notion of a pair of lovers who live their lives out of normal temporal order, newcomer Mildred D. Broxon's intriguing speculation on the geocentric world view of a planet without seasons, Leiber's charming comedy about a convention of beetles who invade the Metropolitan Museum to rescue the scarabs, J.J. Russ' monstrous hypothesis about maternal need, Pangborn's finely crafted tale of an outcast's rite of passage, and more. The Le Guin and Pangborn stories are superb, with others ranging from fine to adequate.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1974
Publisher: Random House