UNIVERSE 12 by Terry--Ed. Carr


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Mixed themes and modes: nine new fantasy/sf stories ranging from the competent to the inconsequential. Best of the bunch: Nancy Kress takes an adolescent identity crisis and turns it into a genuinely eerie, thought-provoking probe into the nature of sanity and reality; George Turner offers a professionally crisp, involving yarn concerning esp research and designer genes; and there's Bruce McAllister's visionary if overwrought tale (where a strong Tiptree influence is evident) about a lonely wife and her spaceman-husband's alien offspring. The rest: a characteristically weird R. A. Lafferty piece on ghostly alien thieves; an elegant but undramatic fantasy featuring John Bunyan and Izaak Walton (by Howard Waldrop); a Martian vignette from Kim Stanley Robinson; a slice-of-life drama aboard an orbiting space colony by Leigh Kennedy; and a couple of real duds involving video disk epitaphs and a misguided sorcerer. Overall--a plodding, about-average addition to an increasingly predictable series.

Pub Date: June 18th, 1982
Publisher: Doubleday