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UNIVERSE 16 by Terry--Ed. Cart



Pub Date: Nov. 21st, 1986
Publisher: Doubleday

A none-too-generous offering of nine all-new tales, ranging from scintillating to mediocre. The best of the bunch: Robert Thurston's fine tale of a comfortably middle-aged man supernaturally tempted by an old flame; Ian Watson's witty and wonderful quest to find the ""true egg of Lightning""; and Lucius Shepard's touching tale of a doomed alien, his message, and the poet who must receive and interpret it. Elsewhere there's: an embryo novel about a gigantic computerized hotel; a yarn about a future flood, some visiting aliens, and a possible Second Coming; a city of dreamers who create food for those who live outside; a computerized Albert Einstein; ruminations on immortality; and actors whose brains animate robot characters. As with most of the Universe entries: dependable and solid if mostly unspectacular.