PROSE BY PROFESSIONALS by Terry  & Others Morris
Kirkus Star


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A group of distinguished magazine writers have searched their backgrounds and experience and have come up with a composite of some of the best advice in town for the novice in the field of free-lancing. The approaches and tools of this profession are as multi-varied as the people who use them, thus the reader may glean valuable ideas on how to get started, how to find and develop article ideas, the techniques of research, interviewing and salesmanship. But there is an underlying reminder that each individual carves his own brand of success. The second part of the book deals specifically with the product, the expose, the ""as-told-to"" story, the ""think"" piece, the profile, the family relations story, and as such we benefit from the definitions and expert knowledge of the ""pros"" in each of these media. The last section serves as a kind of catch-all for numerous outside considerations such as the editor's problems and viewpoints, the magazine market as well as additional outlets available to the free-lancer, techniques and style in magazine writing and an appraisal of the future of magazines and magazine writers. The ace contributors to this fascinating excursion through the wiles and wares of their profession include, Peter Farb, Mort Weisinger, Don Murray, Betty Friedan, Caroline Bird, Murray Teigh Bloom, Robert Bendiner and many other talents. More realistic fare could not be afforded anyone smitten with their special muse.

Publisher: Doubleday