FLASH AND FILIGREE by Terry Southern


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This first novel by an American has already appeared in England. It is a short satire on I am not quite sure what, but glancing blows fall on a scattering of subjects; hospital nurses, dermatologists, sports car buffs, private eyes, homosexuals, TV panel shows, a drive-in theater seduction, courts of law, hip hash takers, and on and on. The two plots, having nothing to do with each other, concern Dr. Eichner's misadventures with a peculiar patient and with a gang killing, and Babe Minter's progress towards the loss of virginity. The style is reminiscent of Henry Green- but lacks his grace and humanity. The whole thing is very trying.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1958
ISBN: 0802134300
Publisher: Coward-McCann