GIVING IN TO GET YOUR WAY by Terry & Victor Miller Dobson


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Oi. A combination of the Japanese martial art of aikido (a form of nonaggressive self-defense) and theater games, or the dynamics of human relationships on stage. In this, we are told to find our centers--located two inches beneath our belly buttons--and keep them. ""Conflict simply is,"" say these inscrutable authors. ""The restoration of harmony is the goal of all conflict."" Lover No. 1 says to Lover No. 2, ""I don't love you anymore."" Instead of responding with, ""You can't mean that"" or ""I think I'll kill myself,"" we are instructed to say, ""I'm not the easiest person to get along with, am I?"" If things go right, you then have a long discussion about the kind of hostility that inspired the dialogue to begin with, after which Lover No. 1 retrenches and says, ""I love you so much, sometimes it makes me crazy. . . . I'm sorry I said it."" That's if everything goes according to Hoyle (or, in this case the Attack-tics system). How do you say ""drivel"" in Japanese?

Pub Date: May 1st, 1978
Publisher: Delacorte