The S.S. VALENTINE by Terry Wolfe Phelan


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And now, another transparent message from the woman who brought you The Week Mom Unplugged the TV (p. 263, J-65). This time a new kid is expected in Andy's class--and she comes zooming in on a wheelchair that has all sorts of neat buttons and levers. The class is planning a Valentine's Day play--so far it's just everyone reciting his or her original rhyme--and it's Andy who suggests that they tie it together by having Connie, the new kid, whiz around in her rocket ship/wheelchair, delivering each kid's message. Everyone worries when Connie, without warning, fails to show up for two days just before the play (the lack of notice is all the odder as she's only in the hospital for tests on her leg muscles)--but she makes it back just in time. On stage Andy as a Martian comes through with a verse of his own, though previously he hadn't been able to ""translate"" his first effort, BLEEP GLONK FLORT (actually, the Martian version is better), and he hops into the space ship with new friend Connie for an unplanned grand finale. But it's all as perfunctory and flat as those periodical holiday plays used by less ""creative"" teachers than Andy's.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Four Winds