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GHOSTS by TerryLab Kirkus Star


Encyclopedia of Phantoms and Afterlife

developed by TerryLab

Age Range: 8 - 12

Pub Date: Feb. 10th, 2014
Publisher: TerryLab

A ghostly gallery steeped in flickering shadows, macabre visual detail, creepy transformations and nape-prickling sound effects.

Though it’s only a light wash of inexpertly translated ghost lore, the text offers some shivery pleasures. There are quick surveys of spectral types from poltergeists to “animals’ ghosts” like the original Cheshire Cat; explanations of “What Ghosts Want” (“Others come from the other world to expose his killer and make retribution”); ghostly twins; burial customs; and ghosts in ancient history. Backed by cackles, terrifying growls and ominous orchestral rumbles, though, the illustrations are downright riveting—particularly as they come with an astonishing array of interactions and animations. There are touch-activated dissolves, shattering glass, unfolding messages from the dead, misty graveyard scenes and disquieting figures, including a weird dancing marionette and a connectable skeleton. A table of contents with a Ouija-board planchette allows quick access to each chapter, and further controls lurk on a hideaway menu at the bottom.

Spooky as can be and superb for under-the-sheets perusal. Leave a light on, oh yes. (iPad folk-lore app. 8-12)