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LIFE-SIZE AQUARIUM by Teruyuki Komiya


by Teruyuki Komiya & photographed by Toshimitsu Matsuhashi & translated by Junko Miyakoshi & adapted by Barbara Hauley Kempe

Pub Date: Sept. 3rd, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-934734-59-9
Publisher: Seven Footer Press

In this outsized companion to the equally imposing Life-Size Zoo (2009) and More Life-Size Zoo (2010), 35 marine creatures from a killer whale to a handful of three-quarter–inch cliones (a type of conch) pose against white backgrounds for sharp full- or partial-body portraits. An engaging graphic table of contents imagines a giant, cross-sectioned aquarium with each animal pictured occupying a separate chamber or tank and tiny stick figures making their way from exhibit to exhibit. Though double gatefolds allow viewers to get closer than many would wish to an orca’s teeth or a walrus’s tusks and tongue, the photos make wonderful eye candy—all saturated colors and well-lit, sharply reproduced fine detail. Each spread features a side-strip of simple cartoon drawings with accompanying basic facts and questions designed not so much to inform—readers will find out the specimens’ scientific names, but their listed homes are all Japanese zoos or aquariums and their sexes and ages are often “unknown”—as to prompt closer looks at the animals on display. Still, fine fare for browsers and budding naturalists. (Nonfiction. 6-9)