WINNING BY NEGOTIATION by Tessa Albert Warachaw


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A therapist and business consultant, Warschaw has a positive perspective to offer: negotiation should be a win-win proposition, where one seeks to obtain the best possible results for oneself without making the other party a loser. In other words, some compromise is in order, for the good of everybody. Warschaw feels that the ""Jungle Fighters"" characterized by Michael Maccoby in The Games-men are on their way out, primarily because of their abrasive personalities and destructive styles.) The discussion of tactics--small talk, ""opening ceremonies,"" and ""mid-course correction"" where the negotiation is not proceeding well--is savvy and breezy; and Warschaw is also attuned to factors that can cripple a negotiation: she discusses positive ways to vent anger and anxiety. Because a half-dozen negotiating styles are identified--from ""Soothers"" to ""Big Daddies and Big Mammas""--we are given an approach to handle each type: in asking for money, power, love, or sex(!); in dealing with members of the family or with intimidating professionals. This means there are techniques to handle everything from a four-year-old who cusses to a doctor who wants to perform unnecessary surgery. For those who wish to upgrade their scores without downgrading others'.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1980
Publisher: McGraw-Hill