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ROMANCING THE DUKE by Tessa Dare Kirkus Star


by Tessa Dare

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-06-224019-4
Publisher: Avon/HarperCollins

Izzy Goodnight has long given up on fairy tales, so she is shocked to learn that she has inherited a castle and must figure out what to do with the wounded duke who lives there.

As the daughter of a scholar famous for penning a series of tales about knights and maidens, Izzy knows a thing or two about fairy tales. However, she also knows hunger and financial desperation thanks to the same father, who never took the time to ensure she was cared for after his death. In fact, Izzy has spent her life looking after her father and supporting his career, so his betrayal in this manner is even more crushing. Learning she has inherited a castle from one of her father’s advisers sends her fleeing to the property, only to find a dilapidated building and the wounded duke who used to own it—and who is quite surprised and angry to learn he no longer does. Since Izzy has no money and the duke needs help, they agree she will stay on and help him get his affairs in order, and he will pay her for her services. Getting to the bottom of the mystery forces them to work closely together, and both are stunned when a strong attraction flares between them. But Izzy is the beloved daughter of a famous author, and her father’s adoring public comes calling, causing tension in the household. Add in Izzy’s self-consciousness regarding her plain appearance, the continued dispute over the castle and various quirky secondary characters, not to mention a few secrets and dangers along the bumpy path to the couple’s happily-ever-after, and you have the recipe for an effervescent, heart-tugging romance.

Dare starts her new series with a unique storyline, a sweet, fun nod to literary fandom, and two main characters who are perfect for each other yet never would have met if they weren’t each at a nadir in life’s journey.