A NIGHT IN THE SWAMP by Thacher Hurd


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In this ""movable book,"" the author uses creatures familiar to those who have read Mama Don't Allow to produce an entertainment with a simple plot and complicated format. As night falls, ""the swamp critters wake up"": Mouse pulls the tail of Alligator who snaps at Frog who jumps over Turtle, while fireflies flicker and Crane flies across the sky--but the true interest of this book is in the way Hurd animates the action. Each character is introduced by lifting flaps or pulling tabs; the stars come out, Mouse actually pulls Alligator's tail, Frog really jumps, and Crane flies. The young reader even gets a chance to rescue Frog. Hurd uses bright colors and splashy effects to good advantage; he must have enjoyed finding so many ways to make the book move. If this is not one of the most memorable examples of the toy book genre, it is one of the most appealing--for as long as it can survive eager little hands.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1987
Publisher: Harper & Row