AMERICA'S HANDYMAN BOOK by The Family Handyman Staff


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The publisher of The Family Handyman, that essential magazine for every do-it-yourself home owner, has brought together the necessary data for basic repair and maintenance. This is a more comprehensive and thorough book than the other indispensable book in the field, Roger Whitman's First Aid for the Ailing House. The text is organized around the structure of the house:-Interior, Exterior, Heating, Electricity and Plumbing, Outdoor Maintenance, and goes in each instance from the basic factors for understanding, to maintenance, correction and repair. In discussing tools and equipment, materials that go into work around the house, the author has used a commonsense approach, insisting that the right tool or the right material for the job is more important than variety and extravagant appearance. He also discusses how to use what you have to best advantage. There's practically an answer for every conceivable problem, whether your house is new or old, and the step by step methods are clearly presented, and illustrated with charts, diagrams and so on to a total of 1,948 illustrations. Here is a book that should be in every household.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1961
Publisher: Scribner