POWER PLAY by The Gordons


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Power Play is a grand-slamming attempt at the Big, Popular Novel and while it carries a fair amount of heft, it's not very well distributed; lotsa plot but the characterization's cut rate and the writing-- it only exists. For many years Dyke Crandall, a wheeler-dealer, has been advising and Senator Ralph Donahue consenting -- Dyke made the Senator and now, with the death of FBI director O'Connell (murder?), Dyke has chosen his replacement-- one who will be approachable and controllable. With Syndicate money and the Senator's backing, it seems a cinch but then the clutch grabs in an ugly fashion; the Senator wishes up (he also falls in love-- a late-blooming romance); and rightful successor, young Schuler, insists on J. Edgar Hoover's grand design for the separation of FBI and politics as firmly as Becket wanted the separation of Church and State.... Back to the minors?

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1965
Publisher: Doubleday