WASHINGTON BROADCAST by The Man at the Microphone


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Understandably anonymous, this attack on the leaders of the nation is an attempt to make a bid for the mud-slinging success of such books as Washington Merry-go-round and Vine Old Men as it rapid-fires against almost every figure in power, most hotly against the New Dealers and Presidential partisans. The President (""Ego with an E for Election); Congress, a fumble-stumble body; to ""Corn Wallace"", the Iowa Ariel the Associate President, Harry Hopkins, who covets power; the Supreme Court, ""men first, judicial minds later""; Knox, who knows nothing of salt water; Morganthau, an indifferent, inadequate disburser; Justice Rosenman, troubleshooter; Elmer Davis, a nice guy, disregarded by the Press-and so on and on. A few win praise,-- Stimson, as a man of gallantry and vision; Hull, ""the grand old man"" who ousted Welles most fortunately; Clare Luce, with a bright future if she doesn't outsmart herself; General Hershey; Oveta Culp Hobby. On the whole poison-penned profiling of men at the controls, in the agencies and the organizations of the nation. Not a book to build confidence in our system.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1944
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran