FLAT RACING by The Rt. Hon. the Earl of -- (Ed.) Harewood
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Long awaited volume on flat racing, for which orders date years back, when it was first announced. Fill those now and take new ones, for racing is a sport where money is ""easy come, easy go"" so the $7.50 angle. Every race fan, be he trainer, owner, jockey, crock, will be fascinated by the completeness of the coverage this volume affords. A whole library couldn't do a better job. Contents include the origin and history of the British thoroughbred, principles of heredity, evolution of racing, handicapper, starter, judge, the stud farm, conformation of the race horse, action of the racehorse, training, jockeyship, the tote, arrangement and running of race courses -- and racing in America. Beautifully illustrated by reproductions of prints and paintings. Have you a local race meet? If so, do a window around this book. Track officials will lend you cups, trophies, colors to make it attractive. Sure to be one of the biggest leaders in the Sporting Book field this Fall, so get your stock and go after your racing fans.

Publisher: Lippincott