THE MAN WHO WENT AWAY by Themistocles Hoetis


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On the surface you have Akin Arahk (female) an oboist, who, in contemplating a miniature Hathor, relives her life with Alex L-----, in her Roselle, N.J., room where her horizons expand and all secrets are disclosed. She tells him a story, he tells her a dream: he does not want to marry, he sends friends, Sir David Dove and his sister, Dorothea (with seven black poodles which he chases with a black umbrella) whom he has met in his travels to the Upper Nile and who bring a photograph of Alex and his cave and cane and uncut hair: Akin sees his cousin Peter, her brother Ezra, imaginary conversations take place; she is pregnant and resents Alex' suggestion that she be aborted: she visits a 'cellist to get a job and dream-gazes him into fatherhood: she returns -- to Roselle, N.J., -- after a bed-down visit with a deaf taxi driver -- to play to oboe. There's music, music everywhere -- but only for the spheres and not the squares -- and if this is small ego centered, it is also pretentious and rarefied. And where are YOU going, dream boat?

Pub Date: April 4th, 1952
Publisher: Pellegrini & Cudahy