CAPTIVE OF ROME by Theodora DuBois


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The mystery this time is why Theodora DuBois deserted crime for fictionized history, particularly for the Roman world of the 5th century. Marcus, a Roman Briton, grandson of a Roman senator, wishes to marry Ethnea, daughter of Niall, King of Ireland. Before she fulfills her father's behest to complete her ""superior education"", Ethnea is captured by the Goths and sold into slavery in Rome. Ultimately Marcus traces her and spirits her away on his ship. But again- after a joyous week together- she is recaptured, thinks that she has seen Marcus slain, and is herself returned to Rome. Attempts at escape by sea are futile; always she is recaptured. And Marcus, still alive, thinks she has drowned- and for four years they grieve each for the death of the other. The Gothic king has reclaimed her, but despite cruel physical and emotional punishment, she retains her integrity and her beauty until Marcus and she are reunited. This time they return in safety to Londinian and Erin, both converts to Christianity. The research has taken the author to the writings of the early church fathers, and other early sources, but despite this and the factual identity of some of the characters, the characters in the main seem like puppets, and the atmosphere and setting Hollywood glossed.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1962
Publisher: Crown