STREET MUSIC by Theodora Keogh


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A bitter-sweet interval in Paris which blends a young expectancy with a worldlier disillusion, tells of Claude, a French music critic, who brings his American bride, Linnet, to a shabby hotel on the left Bank. There Linnet, whose indefinite charm is also a dependent one, finds that time is heavy on her hands while Claude - attempting to find a lost youth and talent - leaves her too much alone. Befriending a gamine of the streets, Claude finds that his concern for Felice- who is engaged in anything from the black market to blackmail- is rewarded by the child's adulation, while it provokes the puzzled hostility of his wife. And when Felice kills a man, in a mistaken, protective impulse, it is Claude who covers for her, then leaves with Linnet for America and a compromise promise of success....There's a gentle understanding here of lien insecurity, wayward deviation, and Mrs. Keogh - the author of -- writes with a suggestive tenderness.

ISBN: 1596547650
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Young