SILENT VISITOR by Theodore Brauner


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Theodore Brauner, a free-lance photographer, begins this fascinating discovery with the dairy he actually kept during the mysterious nightly visits of some creature who arrived through the window of his Tel Aviv apartment and promptly devoured bananas left in a fruitbowl. By cleverly installing a camera device, Mr. Brauner was able to photograph his visitor. After consulting a professor at the Institute of Natural Science he discovered its identity; a species of bat known as Roussetus, one time prevalent in the Middle East. With the help of the professor and his camera, Mr. Brauner traced the whereabouts of this whole colony and recorded them on film. The factual inquiry into the history of these animals, the ancient myths, legends and beliefs concerning them conclude an authenticated study for bird watchers and animal lovers alike.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1962
Publisher: Atheneum