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This comprehensive examination of mystical literature seeks a transcendent truth.

The hunt for some kind of transcendental truth is not only universal in humans, according to Eckhart in this expanded edition of his debut book, but also a matter of personal urgency: “It is imperative that you raise your consciousness by applying reasoning beyond your conditioned thinking; otherwise, you will remain bound to your own impotent mental creations and beliefs of limited nature that deter you of your full potential.” The author draws on 45 years of personal searching for mystic enlightenment and imparts to his readers wisdom that he claims to have received in part telepathically from “esoteric Masters” who gave him “access to their world of sacred wisdom.” In nearly 500 pages, the author draws on a wide variety of religious and spiritual writings in order to detail the teachings of the universal consciousness. “This Consciousness is also within us always; it reigns in the deepest layers of our own consciousness and, yet it is the same omniscient Consciousness as God’s, for there is but One, and only One Omniscient Consciousness in existence and by Divine virtue it operates in man,” he writes in one of the blanket declarations that are a common staple of spiritual works. This Consciousness gives power to the Law of Life, which Eckhart also refers to as the Law of Being or the Law of Liberty. Occasionally, the author’s enthusiasm leads him to make questionable statements, as when he writes: “How could the Universe, which is Infinite, ever have a beginning?” But the bulk of his ambitious book challenges readers to embrace a path of inner change, insisting that “when you forget about yourself, about all your petty concerns and about all the negative, unimportant thoughts hindering you…you do more for yourself than by any other behavior.” This essentially humanistic outlook should please readers looking for a more open, less dogmatic approach to elevating themselves.

An incisive and wide-ranging inquiry into the hidden workings of reality.

Pub Date: Dec. 13th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-981706-94-5
Page count: 492pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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