THE NEED TO BE LOVED by Theodore eik


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Here one of the paperback world's most popular psychoanalysts, Theodore Reik, inspects the differences between loving and being loved as they affect men and women today. It's a sort of potluck diagnosis, the venerable doctor having merely collected his fragmentary papers, emptied out his fugitive notebooks and dispatched a women's-magazine-title to cover it all. At his best, Reik's witty, ithy, charming and concise; he uses many literary examples, from Shakespeare to Schnitzler; his favorite, however, is Anatole France who takes up more space, alas, than Freud. Among the subjects: the unconscious masochistic factors in interpersonal between the sexes: men remain essentially grown-up boys, and women understand men better than men do women; the universal nature of fetishism and the castration complex and its normal/abnormal aspects; epigrammatic chatter on life and letters, on marriages and mistresses, on guilt and death; and throughout illustrations of the Menninger pothegum: We learn to love only when we are loved.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1963
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Co.