THE DIABETES FACT BOOK by Theodore G. Duncan


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Familiar information about diabetes, from the physician's point of view. For ""a well-educated patient,"" writes Duncan, diabetes need be no more than ""a minor nuisance in the background""--a contention that readers with diabetes may find hard to take. He does cover a lot of territory: the history of the medical treatment of diabetes; what it is; who gets it; how it's diagnosed; insulin and other drug therapies; blood and urine testing at home; related health considerations (obesity, health care); emotional implications; some social aspects (working, camp, college); ""The Diabetic's Responsibility to Others"" (volunteer for research studies, join up with the American Diabetes Association). Despite a foreword by Charles Best, co-discoverer of insulin (who died in 1978), Duncan's material is up-to-date. (Earlier editions were published--as The Good Life--with Diabetes--for limited distribution.) The deterrent is his physician/preacher tone: ""the plan will only work if the patient is motivated and willing to persevere and be honest with himself about the problem."" June Biermann and Barbara Toohey (The Diabetic's Book, 1981) have covered all these topics--and more--with first-hand knowledge of the diabetic's point of view.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1982
Publisher: Scribners