THE FORTUNES OF THE WEST: The Future of the Atlantic Nations by Theodore Geiger

THE FORTUNES OF THE WEST: The Future of the Atlantic Nations

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Geiger, a consultant to the National Planning Association, divines the future development of ""technocratic society"" appropriately run by a technocratic elite both inside government and out, based on the existence of continued economic growth, increased mass consumption, a growing ""leisured non-elite,"" and further intervention in all areas of social welfare, environmental control, and income redistribution. A bipolar Cold War-initiated atomic war will be unlikely; and despite changing big power configurations, mutual goodwill based on Lockean self-interest is a good bet to inhibit a conventional war. European integration may never be fulfilled, but functional ties can grow. The 21st century must create a new world reserve currency, of course, and straighten out the balance of payments, and end unilateral actions by the U.S. A collapse of growth toward a ""new feudalism"" is possible; so are technological and humanistic utopias; but the above version of the millenium is most probable. In his introduction Geiger himself wonders why this book is necessary. Others will too.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1972
Publisher: Indiana Univ. Press