FIRE IN THE ASHES: Europe in Mid-Century by Theodore H. White
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FIRE IN THE ASHES: Europe in Mid-Century

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If everyone who should read this book would read this book, we'd be on our way to meeting the challenge put to us by Theodore H. White. For here is a superb analysis of the state of modern Europe and the crossroads at which America stands. What he calls ""the years of the pause"" are ending. Europe is confronted with decisions relating to the rebirth of Europe, under American pressures and the renaissance of Germany. How this situation was reached is examined dispassionately, in terms of concrete evidence and human beings. America and Russia are struggling for the loyalty of Europe. To understand this struggle better Mr. White takes the big three -- England, France, Germany -- and examines the record between so-called victory and today's resurgence. He examines too the steps by which American aid achieved what it did, and how American prestige collapsed. The Marshall Plan unquestionably saved Europe but the American tendency to thrust techniques and procedure on un-ready peoples left its wake of dislike and distrust. The picture of a rising Germany, with inner conflicts evidencing the survival of a form of Hitlerism, causes one pause -- and fear. Classical diplomacy is no more -- but have we found what to put in its place? A United Europe is closer than ever before -- but can it survive the deflation that Europe is emotionally experiencing today? Faith in America is the touchstone. Can we reinstill it? Not if Congress and Congressional committees call the turn on foreign policy. The issues of faith between America and Russia cannot be settled. Only the external irritations can be adjusted. But White challenges us to recapture the image of freedom, the promise of prosperity, the place in the world our responsibilities as a great nation have forced upon us....As November Book of the Month selection, this should reach the wide audience it deserves.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1953
Publisher: Morrow-Wm. Sloane