IN THE LIFE by Theodore Isaac Rubin


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A third case study and Lisa and is based on a practising psychiarist's notebook and it is a sharp and sexually vivid case history of a prostitute which transcribes intact her conversations and revelations. Now with this kind of uncensored batter, one gets quite a dosage of underworld Jargon and for those who are unintitated, Mr. Rubin supplies a glossary. In the preface we learn that Jenny has always been a big habitues, has never known her father, and grew up with a prostitute mother to continue family business. In her own words, we learn her sad, violent, unromanticized and basically dreary life. According to Dr. Rubin, Jenny has the ability to love and the ability to face life squarely, she also has certain sexual standards (no blue movies for her) the usual neurotic ambivalences, anxieties, tastes for high finery, subduct narcissistic- compogeniss. All these Freudian-Kinseyed symptoms and statistics are tabulated unnamed home where Jonny meats the doctor.... As in the case of Dr. Harold the one can presume that Jenny's loose life and free-wheeling revelations will attract an audience more susceptible to human interest than psychiatry.

Publisher: Macmillan