IDEAS IN CONFLICT by Theodore J. Gordon


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There are several chapters at the beginning and end of this book by one of the country's top space engineers in which he puts forth the thesis that science has moved out from under the aegis of the Church to that of Government. Scientists with ideas alien to current thinking, he argues, meet a fate Galileo never knew--their proposals for funds are rejected and their articles go unpublished in the journals of the ""establishment."" But the center of Gordon's book is the sympathetic treatment given several of the currently unfashionable and discredited theories: Velikovsky's theory of colliding worlds; Leary's research with the drug LSD; transmission of inherited characteristics in flatworms; extrasensory perception; the effect of prayer on plant life; and others. Scientists will find uncomfortable but necessary reading Gordon's exposure of censorship and harassment of research; laymen should welcome the engineer's clear, unbiased briefings on these fascinating experiments which one day may become surprising realities.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press