THE PERSON by Theodore Lidz


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Dr. Lidz presents a psychodynamic description and conceptualization of personality development and function from birth to death, with a view to orienting and informing medical students and others in the health field. His own orientation combines Freud, Erikson and Piagel. He describes the setting of the person; human evolution and endowment, the family, the life cycle; then proceeds through the life cycle from neonate and infancy to old age and death in fourteen chapters that take up the critical tasks of each stage. The book makes a contribution in that it gives equal consideration to each period and extends beyond the childhood years to the young adult faced with occupational and marital choice and adjustment; parenthood, the middle years. A final section is concerned with patterns and perspectives, the therapeutic relationship. A balanced, sound approach to the more than seven ages of man.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1968
Publisher: Basic Books