LIBERAL EDUCATION RE-EXAMINED by Theodore M. & Others Greene


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The role of liberal education in a Democracy has been the subject of study on the part of The American Council of Learned Societies. This is their report, -- a symposium representing -- on the whole -- a common viewpoint, but not a unanimous opinion. They trace the steps by which the demand for change led to dropping of the liberal arts and the classics, to a trend of pseudo-scientific method, to realism. They feel there is need for a restatement of ideals of democracy and education, to a new objective in the preservation and enhancing of human dignity, while at the same time making ample provision for vocational and professional education, education for citizenship and the good life, with the humanities in the central role. The second part traces the significant practices of schools at different levels, the implications of the trends and aims, and ends in a plea for general culture. Not for general public.

Pub Date: July 29th, 1943
Publisher: Harper