THE DOOR TO NOWHERE; A Sleuth Club Mystery by Theodore Mathieson

THE DOOR TO NOWHERE; A Sleuth Club Mystery

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Rex Hunter, a highschool junior, was one of the moving spirits behind the leuth Club. Made up of five of Rex' classmates, the club's purpose was to meet and discuss mystery novels. But, quicker than you can say ""Ellery Queen"", the boys become a band of amateur detectives. They assist Paul Tangent as he tracks down a museum theft that leads to a secret society dominated by a man who has promised his followers immortality. Too often, Tangent sounds more like a boyscout master than a bonafide, detecting adult. His tendency is to heavily underline Rex Hunter's boyishly verbalized discovery of lasting values while unravelling tangible evidence. Escape mystery, junior-style formula that gains nothing from the determined uplift.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1964
Publisher: utnam