THE LONG ROAD OF FATHER  by Theodore Maynard


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The indefatigable and able Catholic historian turns his attention in volume to a new field, that of the Spanish missions in Southern California. The is told by means of a biography of Junipere Serra, the pioneer missionary of California. It is an interesting story, an important chapter in of America and affords significant sidelights upon the early impact of the religi, specifically the Catholic faith, upon this sentiment. It is a book light on the part played by the in the settlement of and especially on the treatment accorded the Californian Indians. The Indians of California were a much more primitive and degraded group than those and the French is eastern America. But their according to Maynard, took place after the Angle- Saxons come to the during Spanish rule. While Father Serra was a colorful, courageous and of the church this book is of primary interest and importance because of the light it throws upon the very early history of California.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1954
Publisher: Appleton-Century