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A modest introduction for a library of writings on all aspects of teaching, teachers, and those they teach, in story, essay, sketch -- in whole and/or part. From the to the moderns, this maintains a high level of selection, a thoughtful collecting much that is remembered, much that is traditional, much that will be new to most rec. The inclusions reflect periods and attitudes, the purpose is to reveal educational and procedure, from the pedagogue's and the student's viewpoints, to re crances and satisfactions of the profession. Presidents, novelists, loyy teachers, biographers, poets, philosophers- all are represented for the varying views contribute. Chaucer and St. Augustine are as much at home in this field as are Thurber, Santayana, Bronte, Phelps and Tarkington. The retiring headmaster of Phillips Andover and the chairman of the Dept. of English have combined to produce a volume which should enli any teacher's life, and be of interest, greater than one would imagine, to anyone who has been taught. A swell job.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1947
Publisher: Macmillan