THE IMAGE OF GOD by Theodore P. Ferris


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Taking as his point of departure the ""bomb-shell"" effect of J. A. T. Robinson's onest To God, the well-known rector of Trinity Church, Boston, treats the contemporary need for a New Image of God, and follows with chapters on, - Man Made in the Image of God; Has Man Outgrown Religion? Morality Fixed or Fluid? is There Any Hope for a Better World? These are followed by a second part of the book, under the caption, The Image of God in Christ. The style is sermonic, and characteristically clear and simple. From allusions and terms of address, it might be inferred that the material is developed from sermons preached to the congregation at Trinity which customarily includes many students. Literary and historical quotations and allusions tend to give the book a somewhat dated tone; and it may be questioned whether the line of apologetics taken would be altogether convincing for some readers today.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1965
Publisher: Oxford