THIS CREATED WORLD by Theodore Parker Ferris


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The Presiding Bishop's book for Lent, and many besides Episcopalians will applaud the Bishop's choice. This is another book designed to help people to arrive at a reasoned faith. It is written, however, not by one who is primarily a theologian or philosopher, but by a parish minister. This minister, however, has an unusual ability to present great truths in language familiar to and understandable by the ordinary people in the pew. The plan of the book is derived from a letter written a Washington newspaper by a little girl. The letter ran as follows: ""We are studying the world in our school and we would like some information on the following topics: 1) how the world started; 2) how the world changed; 3) how the world actually is now; 4) our relationship to the world; 5) how we can best leave for those who follow us."" The editor replied: ""We can answer just one point: how the world is now. The answer is ""terrible"". But in a later edition, the editor said: ""All the answers are in the Bible, particularly in the story of Jesus"". Dr. Ferris devotes his book to elaborating the answers to the little girl's questions. As the text is based on lectures delivered at a Girls' Conference, the reader will find it popular in style, readable and convincing. It will perhaps be more helpful in buttressing the faith of believers than in convincing non-believers, and therefore is particularly appropriate for Pottestants.

Publisher: Harper