THE NEW LIFE by Theodore Parker Ferris
Kirkus Star


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No man preaching today has greater power to make what he says stay with the hearer than Dr. Theodore Ferris, Rector of Trinity Church, Boston. His ideas march and his words sing, and the image he makes is that of the reader himself sharing the experience he is describing. Here, in the New Life, the Seabury Lenten Book, is Dr. Ferris at his best. This is pulpit material meant to be heard rather than read, he reminds us, but it makes very good reading indeed. He makes a strong plea for greater meaning and consequence in human life, the same to be found as man lives in Christ and Christ in him, and in Christ the believer may live a new life in the world of today with grace, power and joy. Dr. Ferris depends heavily on the Bible, as a great preacher should, but his relation of eternal truths to be found there to the people, places and things of today is masterful. He practices an art the more artful because it seems so effortless, yet we know he has paid his hearers and readers the great compliment of taking infinite pains with his preaching and writing. Clergy will admire without envy, and the layman will feel that this book was written just for him.

Pub Date: Jan. 12th, 1960
Publisher: Seabury