ONE ON ONE: Win the Interview, Win the Job by Theodore Pettus

ONE ON ONE: Win the Interview, Win the Job

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Some interesting ploys--some new ones, even--along the path to snagging that job with your name on it. Pettus, in fact, makes the hunting sound almost more fun than the catching. Some of his recommendations: plan for the interview by doing an in-depth research number on the company and the interviewer (though how you research the latter, beyond lists of professional associations and the like, is not fully explained). Watch the ads for openings; figure out the company in the case of a blind ad-and the person to whom you'd be reporting; then bypass the other applicants by sending your letter directly to the person involved--without indicating that you've seen the ad. (They'll think they're one up on you; but you'll secretly know exactly what opening they have, what salary they expect to pay, etc.) Recourse to employment agencies is actually encouraged (with some suitable qualifiers), though they handle only about 15 percent of all openings nationally. Some of the material is more hackneyed--like not criticizing old bosses (disloyalty earns demerits), or taking it easy (and not blowing your stack) under the duress of a stress interview. But for those who want to hone up their interviewing skills--and acquire some unconventional ones--this is as good a place to start as any.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1981
Publisher: Random House