MISS DILLY SAYS NO by Theodore Pratt


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A gentle force on Hollywood foibles that aims to put the cinema circus in its place...48-year old Miss Dilly, secretary for 5 years with Superior Pictures, has two ambitions -- to write a story for the screen, to win the love of Mr. Horetic, director of her st, whom she sees a year. To date she has been unsuccessful in both...She does write a book, Hollywood Diary, which becomes a top seller, avidly desired by all the studios. Despite her long servitude to pictures she is caught unprepared for the pressure. Superior demands loyalty -- ups the price -- and suddenly Miss Dilly realises she does not want to sell her book to the screen. Then comes her first date with Mr. Horatic, and she fears it is merely a come on for the sale, and with heartbreak hears him approach an offer, at their second date...She is on the point of agreeing to sell, but Mr. Horatic explains all, and Miss Dilly gets her man and satisfies the studio and does not sell the screen right...Hollywood balloon aloft once again -- and once again definted -- but not with malice.

Publisher: Dualt, Slan & Pearce