THE ODYSSEY OF BEN O'NEAL by Theodore Taylor


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An epilogue to this concluding volume of Taylor's Teetoncey trilogy has Ben O'Neal and the English orphan he rescued from a shipwreck married and settled on the same Carolina coast. But the story itself--altogether thinner and less immediate than its predecessors--takes place when Ben is thirteen and headed off to sea after the death of his mother and the assumed return to England of Teetoncey. But unknown to Ben, the girl has run off because she can't take her dog on board, and again unknown to him she slyly books passage on the ship, bound for Barbados, on which he has been signed as steward's boy. Observing greenhorn Ben on his first train ride, first time in a city, and first voyage out, Taylor does the usual things well; but this will be of interest chiefly as an afterword to the stronger, earlier volumes.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1977
Publisher: Doubleday