FIRE ON THE BEACHES by Theodore Taylor
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This exciting book by the author of The Magnificent Mitscher tells the story of German and Japanese submarine warfare against American merchant shipping in the last war. Pearl Harbor found both the east and west coasts of this country almost without defense and with no means of countering submarine attacks, which had already begun in the Atlantic and which started in the Pacific on the night of December 7, 1941, with the sinking of a lumber ship by a Japanese U-boat. All during 1942 German wolf-packs and the fewer Japanese submarines roamed the seas almost at will, striking down an incredible number of merchant ships, killing thousands of seamen and passengers, until convoy escort, our own submarines and the Air Arm at last put an end to the menace. Well documented, well and tightly written, the story is one of heroism, frustration, defeat and victory, with little emphasis on horrors or on the obvious moral. A book to appeal to readers of modern American history and one to delight those who enjoy true tales of adventure and heroism on the High Seas, it should be required reading for Congressmen, politicians and men in the Armed Services and a ""must"" for historical, Service and War libraries; its exciting content should also assure it a place on the shelves of lending libraries as well.

Publisher: Norton