AIR RAID--PEARL HARBOR! by Theodore Taylor


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Unlike Walter Lord's older Day of Infamy (1957), this present tense recreation conveys the whys and the hows as well as the moment-to-moment events of the Japanese attack and American response. Informing the particulars of battle here are behind-the-scenes episodes of spying and code-breaking, disingenuous (on both sides) negotiating, and dove-and hawk jousting in Tokyo and Washington. Japanese leaders appear as individuals of varying personalities and persuasions; American decisions betray poor intelligence, poor communication, and an incredible disregard (ascending with rank) for more and more telling evidence: even the approaching bombers, reported by radar observers, are dismissed by their officers as undoubtedly our own planes on maneuvers. Despite an overlush opening picture of tranquil pre-war Hawaii and a superfluous closing eulogy for heroes and scapegoats, readers will remain alert.

Pub Date: June 21st, 1971
Publisher: T.Y. Crowell