THUNDER ON FORBIDDEN MOUNTAIN by Theodore W. & Robert D. Winthrop Munch


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Kevin, Marcy and their Apache babysitter Ramona are proud of being savvy outdoorsmen, but when they take their greenhorn cousin Darby backpacking in the Superstition Mountains they don't set a very good example. First, Ramona gets the jeep stuck in sand; then they leave their food where it can be stolen by the suspicious stranger, Jake; later, they take a wrong trail, rappel down a steep cliff even though Darby doesn't know how, and go poking about in abandoned mine shafts. And when the discover a map leading to the famous Lost Dutchman mine, the kids decide to search fight away, even though they're running out of food and are being followed by an armed and menacing Jake. In the end they leave Jake wounded and dying in the collapsing mine and Ramona won't let them tell about the gold anyway--she's afraid of the Apache thunder gods' revenge. Instead she ought to worry about losing her babysitting license. And since her charges have little appeal or personality beyond their supposed intrepidity, the expedition is in trouble from the beginning.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1976
Publisher: Westminster