WHERE DOES AMERICA GO FROM HERE? by Thomas Alexander Baggs
Kirkus Star


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I found this the best formula for the man in the street who wants to grasp the essential points of the struggle between government and business, between capital, management and labor; who wants to face fairly and squarely the good and the bad; who wants to have first aid in thinking out his own political and social and economic program. This is no abstract thesis, but a straightforward presentation of the facts, the hows and whys, the trends, the dangers, the good and the evil of the situation today. He takes no sides. He places blame where blame is due. He pleads for business to accept the fact that they are not being realistic about the situation and must accept a compromise and acknowledge that change is imperative if business is to escape government control; he pleads with government to recognize the nature and the needs of business, if the present pump priming program is to be a prelude to business recovery; he pleads with capitalism and labor to compromise with management and find a happy hunting ground of common interest. A good ABC book.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1938
Publisher: Harper