SHEBA'S LANDING by Thomas Baird


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A iotous whoop-ding, this is warmed by shades of Tom Jones, Bertie Wooster and the personnel from Cold Comfort Farm. Young Paul Dimmington, Washington, D.C. editor of the National Association of Bathroom Fixtures Manufacturers Newsletter, finds the offices of Mr. Pelzel (owner and inventor of the Super Mute) bustling. There is Rose Lomazzo, a promoter large of purpose and exterior; sardonic NABFM secretary, Al engs; heart-of-gold Shirley; and soon enough, a relative, Marion, representing the Maryland branch of Paul's family. Once established in Mrs. Maupassant's rooming house with secret passages and some surprises) Paul encounters family - dotty Aunt Dilly, abelaisian Uncle Drew- and Sheba's Landing, the decaying family manse. The relatives present problems; there is a fair maid to be won; Paul and Mengs become wildly involved in an international incident involving a tape recorder secreted in one of Mr. Pelzel's products; and there is a mighty New Year's get together in the altogether at Mrs. M's. It is Mrs. M, replendent of costume and Edwardian flourishes, who ticks off the solutions. Paul puts in a term of affluence and Yale sobriety and then is off again to bathroom fixtures. Simple minded fun for those not too skittish about bathroom and boudoir.

Pub Date: March 11th, 1964
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World